Our Anti-Fraud Policy was created to protect us from users producing fake stats and cashing out. Below you can find out the specific rules on traffic and tasks. If these rules are violated, the proper actions will be carried out.

Anti-Fraud Policy

Our Anti-Fraud policy is direct and concise. All unauthentic traffic is prohibited. If our manual review team or our AI automatically detects any fake stats, your account will be terminated indefinitely and you will be permanently banned from CloudMine and accessing its services.

Examples of Generating Unauthentic Stats


  • • Repeatedly clicking your own link
  • • Using different devices to click your own link
  • • Using a VPN to click your own link
  • • Buying fake traffic from fake traffic sites
  • • Using any software to generate fake clicks to your link


  • • Signing up under your own invite link repeatedly
  • • Using another device to sign up under your own invite link
  • •Using a VPN to sign up under your own invite link
  • • Using any automation software to automate the referral process
  • • Buying fake referrals/invites from fake traffic sites

YouTube Submission

  • • Renaming an old video with the video title provided on the YouTube Submission page.
  • • Creating multiple fake short videos that clearly do not have anything to do with CloudMine


  • • Using a VPN to attempt to complete a task multiple times